100% Pain Free!

As a registered dental hygienist, I have suffered with chronic low back pain for years. Dr. Rosalea Knight has me 100% pain free and back on the golf course AND going to the gym again. She is a dedicated, professional and a delightful person. I highly recommend Dr. Knight – J. Taff

Friendly Relaxed Environment

I came to Elite Care Physical Therapy after I was unhappy with results of my meniscus tear surgery rehab at another physical therapy location. I am now able to go about my daily routine as I was prior to my injury and surgery. I would recommend ECPT to others because they are very friendly and attentive to patient concerns. I liked the friendly relaxed environment the company operates in. – Chris S.

Caring Environment

Elite Care Physical Therapy achieves results in such a caring environment – M. McCarthy

Small Family Atmosphere

Small family style atmosphere with personal attention sets them apart from other physical therapy offices. – Mike

Didn’t get better until Rosie

I came to Elite Care with a shoulder problem that was not getting better on its own. My doctor suggested PT as the first step n dealing with the pain. As it turned out, my first step ended up being the solution to the pain. The exercises and treatments ended up being all that I needed to do to get relief. I am now pain-free and am much more aware of the importance of good posture. I would recommend Elite Care Physical Therapy to anyone. They have very friendly staff and great results in a short period of time. – A. Cross

I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else!

I broke both sides of my ankle and sprained a ligament holding my tibia and fibula together while playing soccer. I had to get a plate, 10 screws, a pin and 2 tight rope cables in order to hold my tibia and fibula together. I had a cast and boot on for almost 3 months and then I came to see Rosie. Physical therapy with Elite Care Physical Therapy has really improved my movement and makes everyday activities much easier to do now. I would recommend Rosie to everyone, she is great at what she does! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! – M. Maidl

Fixed Up in One Visit

Rosalea is a god-send! I threw my back out and wasn’t getting anywhere with my regular regiment of heat and such so I went in and saw her. She made me feel so much better I can’t even say how amazing she is. Thanks Rosie for helping me out – now I can get back to work! – Martiel B.

Best Ever!

Rosalea knight is the best physical therapist I’ve worked with! She pushes me to go to my limit and I know if I went to another therapist I would not have the progress I do with her!! – Natalie S.

Feel Like a New Person!

Rosalea made me feel like a new person! – Krystle C.

Relief in One Visit

I was seeing a therapist at another clinic for two months and was not finding any significant relief from therapy. Every time I left the office I spent the rest of the day in pain, unable to work my physically demanding job. I decided to switch to Elite Care Physical Therapy for the location being closer to my home. After a week with Rosalea, I was relieved of the debilitating stabbing back pain and continue to feel relief. I now look forward to each session because I know I leave feeling pain free and able to go to work without being in agony. – Ariadne W.

Five Star Rating

I give Elite Care a five star rating. My sense is that their approach is superb, and their attention to detail is clearly demonstrated. I especially valued seeing the personal touch between members of the staff and patients. – Thomas H.

100% Pain Free

I had serious sciatic pain. I had seen Rosalea for a previous knee problem with great results. Her attention to detail got me the results I needed. I’m 100% pain free and would highly recommend her. – Denis G.