Physical Therapy Products

How to Purchase:

We want you to have the very best product and also the right solution for you – we ask that when purchasing any of our products that you email or call our office so we can be sure that you are getting the right product. Furthermore, because we offer a variety of types and colors in many of the items we carry and our stock changes constantly – we’ll be able to tell you exactly what is available for immediate pickup.

Contact our office by Email or Phone

360 spray Biofreeze
Roll on Biofreeze professional
Gel Biofreeze professional
Kinesio Tex gold
Rock tape (mixed colors)
Athletic Tape
Cover Roll stretch tape
Leukotape P tape
Pre wrap
Thera-Band red swiss ball
Medline remedy skin repair cream
Adjust a Lift heel lift
The Roller massage device
Thera-band resistance bands
Digital timer
Can Do gel squeeze ball
Body Sport static stretch strap
The Original McKenzie D-section OPTP
lumbar roll OPTP (round)
Cervical roll (small round)
Ice Packs
Thera-Band door anchor
Shoulder pulley
Thera-Band exercise ball
Theraice sleeves
Stress balls
EMSI estim machines